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20 years servicing the private and public sector


Our environmental management services include the development and provision of plans, strategies and guidance ensuring that the ecosystems associated with your project are protected, rehabilitated or maintained with consideration of social, economic, and scientific variables.
We are highly skilled in meeting your environmental compliance needs and the ever changing needs of your business.


Leveraging our background in the sciences and our experience with promotion and delivery of the key messages, we are well placed to assist you with strategy, content, and communications of your project to all stakeholders and media.



Being the principle advocate for one of the most high profile operations in Queensland, we look forward to representing your organisation and stakeholders within all levels of Government and assisting you with communication, negotiations and strategy development.


Highly experienced in sensitive area environmental rehabilitation and remediation. We have years of experience with both greenfield sites and mature operations, developing, implementing and completing rehabilitation works to deliver self sustaining ecosystems to an award winning standard.

We also specialise in species specific protection and rehabilitation plans, with success both for nationally significant flora and fauna.

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Reliable & Effective

With a broad range of experience and knowledge, Pandanus Solutions is able to offer a full project and issues management service, tailored to suit the clients needs without the high overheads of larger firms.  We are agile and ever responsive to the changing needs of our clients.

the principal - Paul Smith

“After years of working both in the private and public sector of major mining companies, I am now able to offer my skills to a wider range of clients.  Often the key issues people have with environmental challenges of their project is being able to communicate their messages, identify and prioritise the myriad of issues and present a solution.

Having been involved in some of the more contentious and controversial issues facing the resources industry throughout my career I am certain I can offer my skills to a variety of industries, big and small.  With my additional skills as a communicator and negotiator with an extensive background in environmental management I am well placed to deliver innovative solutions and certainty for my clients when dealing in issues that are often uncertain, political and emotional”


Paul Smith

Principal Consultant


MINING SERVICES - Exploration and startups, EIS, construction and closed operations

MNING OPERATIONS - Specialist advice, reviews, rehabilitation, projects and government engagement

TOURISM - Park management services, ecological advice, legislative compliance

LAND MANAGEMENT - Environmental services and community engagement