Our services are strongly influenced by our experience in all aspects of Environmental management. Whether your business is a greenfield operation, or a mature industry facing the challenges of environmental legacies, Pandanus Solutions has the depth of experience to meet your needs. We are well experienced in cradle to grave issues facing your business.

We have the experience gained from years managing complex operations to deliver high quality environmental advice. Whether you require the development and execution of environmental studies, detailed operational planning, Bushfire management, permit and licence negotiations, planning approval, the rehabilitation of landscapes, site closure management planing and development of monitoring plans, we have the skill sets on hand to do the work.

In today’s business environment you often can’t afford to have the large team of environmental specialists and scientists to manage your site, or worse, the big consultancies with their expensive overheads. Pandanus Solutions has the wealth of experience to work in with your people, either offering advice and support as a consultant, or as a contracted secondment, to assist you to meet the challenges your project demands.

We also have the experience to bring a communication element to your environmental strategy because, if you can’t communicate your environmental management programs, they will not be well received by those which grant both approvals and your social licence to operate.


Our principal, Paul Smith has had over 20 years of experience in the public arena, advocating the environment and community credentials of his clients. With a wealth of experience in high profile operations and situations, we are able to bring a practical approach to delivering your message and communicating with stakeholders.

Whether its a media strategy and key messages, or meeting with stakeholders about your project, Pandanus Solutions has done the hard yards with some of the most challenging stakeholders in Queensland.

Our company also has a wealth of experience as an advocate for sustainable development and as an educator. With a number of television and media appearances, as well as numerous national and international conference presentations and publications behind us, we are able to break down your messages into a format suited to your audience and deliver it in a cost effective way.
We are not an advertising company, nor a communications specialist, what we offer are practical, simple strategies and plans to deliver your message, clearly, appropriately and to the right audience at the right time.


One of the key specialities offered by Pandanus Solutions is our wealth of experience in Ecosystem rehabilitation and restoration. Having over 20 years of experience and qualification in the restoration of ecosystem function and structure for the mining and development industries, we are able to meet your specific rehabilitation needs with plans and strategies for:
• Total ecosystem rehabilitation planning
• The development of closure and licence rehabilitation plans
• Wetland restoration or creation is a speciality
• Rehabilitation monitoring plans, auditing and reporting
• Well credentialed to add value in negotiation with stakeholders on your proposed rehabilitation plans
• Restoration of degraded landscapes and remediation of contaminated or hostile environments, particularly in coastal environments
• Maintaining or enhancing environmental services of existing landscapes, including the urban environment
• Extensive experience in listed or significant species management strategies, plans and rehabilitation of sites to suit
• Remnant ecosystem management and augmentation to meet vegetation management orders and requirements.


As a nation, we have a very complex and diverse system of government and our experience with all three levels can assist you to meet your needs. We specialise in the South East Qld area but have the experience and connections to get you talking to those who influence.

Having spent the last ten years with a high profile, public interest operation, we have access to an extensive network of contacts to ensure you don't inadvertently fall foul of unforeseen issues within government.

We look forward to representing your organisation and assisting your people to engage appropriately with government.